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Mr. Jamal


Mr. Ahmad

Managing Director

Our Core values are Integrity, Care, Excellence, Collaboration and Innovation through managerial skills of the accomplished professionals. At every step Ahmad Jamal ensures a state-of the-art process.

It all started in 1983 when Mr. Abdul Sattar Jan established a small processing factory. Back in the days, the name of our business was Ahmad Textile Industries. Ahmad Textile Industries started as a small unit on 27225 sq ft space. The result of the efforts and hard work that our Founder put in, made us one of the leading names in the industry. In the 90’s and 2000’s we were dominating the market in cotton suiting fabric.

In 1994, Muhammad Ahmad, the current CEO stepped into the business as a helping hand to his father. He brought in new innovative ideas proving that the business is being backed up with a great young mind of the new generation. Mr. Ahmad brought in new management systems in the company and showed great efficacy in understanding the modern-day needs of our clientele. Since 1994, he has led the business to new heights and it has been growing ever since.

As the demand for our products grew in the market, we needed to expand in order to meet those rising demands. It became a necessity to integrate our business with modern-day tech. Therefore in 2010, we shifted our setup into a new state-of-art facility equipped with continuous production ranges to meet the growing demands of the market. We also changed our business name, from Ahmad Textile Industries to Ahmad Jamal Textile Mills at that time.

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots.”  – Marcus Garvey

AhmadJamal US Denim is a Lahore, Pakistan-based fabric mill supplying denim to fashion industry companies that need absolutely reliable quality and delivery at competitive prices. US Denim constantly improves to remain state-of-the-art in all its processes and as a product innovator, so that customers can be confident in partnering with us to achieve fashion leadership.


To become a top performing, professionally managed company in textiles processing Sector with operating responsibly and serving the interests of all stakeholders.

Ahmad Jamal Textile Mills is the hub of premium dyeing and finishing facility for suiting and traditional shirting fabrics in Pakistan. Our finished apparel fabric makes us one of the renowned textile processors in Pakistan. Ahmad Jamal offers various innovative solutions for fashion articles. Our modern manufacturing facility in Faisalabad produces more than 45 million meters of finished fabric annually. The quality and the finish we provide to our clients, help them outrank their competitors in the market. Those clients have been the soul partners of Ahmad Jamal Textile Mills. Many of the brands that rule the national fashion industry consider Ahmad Jamal as their first choice.

Premium quality cotton and polyester blends shirting fabric is the forte of Ahmad Jamal Textile Mills. In all the different production areas, the workers go through a process of continuous and rigorous training to maintain a high standard of production.

Our passionate and industrious team is always looking for new trends in areas of dyeing and finishing. In collaboration with the production team, we present our clients with innovative and up-to-date solutions. Our development and production team make use of contemporary knowledge of finishing equipment, raw materials, and technologies to produce the finest quality of processed fabric.

Our talented and committed Human Resource is the key to our successful development and delivery of quality services. In short, our customer-centric approach is the main reason behind how we fulfill our core values.

NTN (1544246-2)
GST 0891999131073

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4 KM Jhumra Road, Khurrianwala,
Faisalabad, Pakistan
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