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Pre Dyeing

  • Singeing-Osthoff
  • Bleaching plant-Brugman + Benninger
  • Mercerizing-Goller + Benninger

Ammonia Mercerizing

One of the key factors for the production of super soft-handed, rich look and enhanced color depth the unmatched aesthetics to the fabric is Ammonia Treatment/Ammonia Mercerizing.

Conventional Mercerizing

Though caustic mercerizing has its advantages but it imparts harshness to fabric and makes it rough. As compared to caustic, ammonia treatment gives a very soft and gentle treatment producing a rich and luxurious feel and aesthetics.

Ahmad Jamal is the only processing facility in Pakistan having the state-of-the-art ammonia mercerizing from Lafer-Italy, which is a jewel in rest of chain of processes.


  • Pad Batch
  • Jigger-Kusters
  • Jets


  • Thermosol-Monforts
  • Pad Dry-Kyoto
  • Pad Steam-Benninger+Goller
  • Capable of catering to very short runs especially suitable for fashion business.
  • Produce excellent Vat, Reactive, Sulphur, and Disperse┬ácolors
  • Fine Manufacturer of Premium Brilliant Whites
  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 1000 meters per color
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